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            Glass lined reactor 搪瓷反應釜

            2018年12月12日 反應釜技術 491 views

            Glass lined chemical mixing reactor tank is a kind of special chemical mixing equipment with acidproof,heat resisting,corrossion resistant,stand wear and tear ect.Datang sprays twince enamel ground coat and 5 times surface glaze with professional cold spray techonlogy and special acidproof enamel powder imported from Germany,in more than 900 degree centigrade temperature electric firing room.

            The strict technology,hydrostatic and 20kv electric test provides a great quality to the glass lined chemical mixing reactor.Hydrostatic test with higher design pressure keep 30 minutes to check whether Glass lined chemical mixing reactor tank stands pressure well.?

            The glass-lined reactor or other glass lined equipemts could meet the process and technical performance requirements, it not only the reactor, but need the help from various components-Reasonable design of the glass lined chemical mixing reactor enables the reactor a optimum performance.

            The mian components include various types of glass-lined mixers, glasslined thermometer sleeves, manholes and hand holes, tubes and glasslined pipe fittings, and glasslined discharge valves. Conveying box, liquid level gauge, mechanical seal, high neck flange, clip, looper flange, support, gasket and jacket attachments....?





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